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Who Benefits From Using G.Synergy?

  • Small Business Owners focused on growing their core business who need help preparing annual budgets, bookkeeping, preparing and filing corporate taxes (T2), and accounting services (NTR).
  • Growing businesses that want to compare investment opportunities – and need help with ROI
  • Medium and large size organizations that require project management services such as collections, accounts payable or inventory management improvement, bank and credit cards, WCB, PST or GST reconciliation.
  • Business partners that require better understanding of their market segment or product line profitability and overhead absorption.

Success Stories

  • Brought customers who were in arrears 14 and 18 months up to date with their corporate tax filing.
  • Helped a client with four companies report after three years.
  • Saved a customer $6,000 in GST. Discovered $8,000 in excess water usage charges by the municipality.
  • Created a profit and absorption model for a construction company.