Budget Preparation Services – North Vancouver

For our growing bookkeeping clients, we prepare complementary budget for a year based on prior year results and eliminating unique transactions that happened in the prior year and unique or one-time transactions that will happen in a year to come.

Each month during our financial statement review we provide our clients with the reports such as:

  • Current month vs. prior month
  • Current year to date vs. last year to date vs. budget
  • Month by month of the current year vs. month by month of the budgeted results

The most popular report is Profitability per Customer!!!

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There are many more bookkeeping and accounting reports depending on the client’s size, need and readiness to use the data and make strategic decisions for the business.

Cash Flow Projection – North Vancouver

If you would like to oversee electronic fund transfers, managing cash in a short and long term in an effective way, please contact us to learn about our G.Synergy Books, CPA Inc Cash Flow Projection Model.

KPI and Score Cards – North Vancouver

Would you like to award high performing employees? Key performance indicators KPI and sophisticated score cards can be objective way to keep employees’ performance in line with company goals. We can help our bookkeeping and accounting clients to incorporate our service to help them award those employees who are outperforming.